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A. Front adjustable 15mm width straps ease for adjustment and avoid dig into flash.
B. Twin side bones: smoothly shape underarm and hide excess flesh.
C. Contour demi cups with 2 thickness sponge provide the volume and shape needed for small chested women.
D. 3 x 3 hooks gives fi rm holding when wearing without straps.
E. BAMBOO CHARCOAL fabric enhancement for healthier you!

Treasure the 3 Secrets

1. Odour Absorption
Highly porous bamboo charcoal has a high absorption rate and is powerful enough to emit far infrared rays (FIR). Release negative ions (odour absorber) and provide UV protection.

2. Wicking & Quick Drying
The highly porous carbon from bamboo charcoal disperses moisture excellently, cutting drying time for a sweat-free feeling all day long.

3. UV Protection
Bamboo charcoal's black colour and porous carbon work in tandem at a microscopic level to trap harmful UV rays.

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