Nanostar Unisex Health Socks

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Nanostar™ Energy Health Socks

Therapeutic socks with rejuvenating powers and pain relieving capabilities

Benefits of the Nanostar™ Energy Health Socks

  • Powerful bactericidal, anti-bacterial effects, sterilizing rate as high as 99%
  • Anti odor for the feet which sweat easily, severe foot odor is efficiency significantly
  • Mildew, bacteria can be eliminated in short time and can prevent secondary infection
  • Effective anti-itching and prevent athlete's foot and all kinds of foot diseases
  • Absorbent and soft to keep the feet dry;
  • Silver particles and fibrous material together give a permanent effect, still maintaining efficiency after several washings;
  • Reduces leg edema, deformation, pain, muscle spasm pain;
  • Prevents and treats varicose veins;
  • Eliminates foot fatigue effectively;

Applicable target: 
Nanostar™ Energy Health Socks is suitable for all the numbness, cold limbs and cold feet experienced by elderly people. Also applicable for people having ankle sprains, cramps, swelling feet, tired feet, foot odor problems. People on long hour flight or service personnel who has long hours standing work will find the Nanostar™ Energy Health Socks suitable for them.

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