Nanostar™ Energy Health Knee & Elbow Guards

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Nanostar™ Energy Health Knee & Elbow Guards

Promoting strength with comfort support stretches in all directions


Benefits of the Nanostar™ Energy Health Knee/Elbow Guards
The Nanostar™ Energy Health Knee and Elbow Guards are with far infrared emission direct on the knee, elbow and wrist. This helps to improve the cold intrusion and vulnerability to external injury. The improved micro-circulation strengthens the organization in regenerative capacity for arthritis, joint effusion; bone spurs (hyperplasia), tenosynovitis, obliterans and sports sprain. It also relieves pain because of rheumatism or misadventure. As maintenance of joint function, Nanostar™ Energy Health Knee Guard enhances the flexibility of limb blood vessels to promote the deep venous and lymphatic flow, blood circulation and antispasmodic pain. It can prevent sports injuries; reduce joint tissue fluid leakage; and give anti-inflammatory analgesic effect.

Applicable target 
Frequently, paralysis of the legs happen due to lack of oxygen in the legs, often described as thrombosis. Pains due to long hour travel in aircraft or prolonged sitting can be reduced by wearing our Nanostar™ Energy Health Knee Guards. For athletes, it can prevent sports injury. There have been cases in the rehabilitation of sports injuries; in elbow joint maintenance and in the relief of pressures on the elbow.

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