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Benefits of the Energy Head Scarf/Anak Tudung

  • Increases oxygen to the head, reversing hair loss, migraines or headaches. 
  • FIR therapy has been proven to improve blood circulation, reduce in!ammation, relax muscles and enhance white blood cell function and the immune system.
  • Some people report results with reversing or slowing hair loss.  The cap is also good for easing migraines and headaches.
Major Functions
  • Improves blood circulation to the head 
  • Improving the level of oxygen supply in the brain
  • Reduces headaches & dizziness 
  • Giving effect of tranquility 
  • Eliminates fatigue 
  • Prevents odor and bacteria growth  
  • Maintaining the freshness of the hair 
  • Relieve itching  
  • Reduces dandruff & hair loss

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