Nanostar 3 in 1 Corset

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Nanostar™ Energy Health Undergarment Corset

Revitalize Body: Healthy and Beautiful Lifestyle

Benefits of the Energy Undergarments

Far-Infrared Rays energy emit from the Energy Undergarment

FIR emit from the energy health lingerie penetrates beyond the skin level and is absorbed efficiently by cells below. Upon penetration, FIR causes resonance with water molecules. It ionizes and activates water molecules in our cells and blood thus improving our blood circulation by warming the body from inside. This warming is made possible by the heat energy transfer of the FIR radiation emitting from the energy lingerie.

         FIR effects

  • ✓ Activates water molecules in our body acid build-up
  • ✓ Improves oxygen level in our body
  • ✓ Elimination of other waste from the body
  • ✓ Reduces toxins & lactic acid build-up in the body
  • ✓ Improves the autonomic functions of the nervous system

  • Major Function
  • ✓ Major Functions
  • ✓ Improves the metabolism & preventing exha
  • ✓ Dissolves free fatty acids and subcutaneous fat
  • ✓ Slims & shapes up the body naturally
  • ✓ Excrete toxins from body
  • ✓ Prevents accumulation of germs
  • ✓ Decreases Leucorrhoea (white discharge)
  • ✓ Protects from UV ray
  • ✓ Prevents hemorrhoid
  • ✓ Removes foul smell
  • ✓ Relieves pain in the waist
  • ✓ Improves body strength & vitality
  • ✓ Improves body immune system
  •  Applicable For

Nanostar™ Energy Health Undergarments Corset is suitable for people wanting to lose weight. Women who have just delivered babies will find this corset useful to assist them get into form. With regular exercises, Nanostar™ Energy Health Undergarments Corset helps to maintain the body weight and shape. For teenagers with menstrual pains problem, this Nanostar™ Energy Health Undergarments Corset will also be useful to have as part of the under garments collection.

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